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Disappearing school libraries

I received an email today via the IU SLIS listserv about the continuing struggle against school funding cuts in Monroe County. An independent group is planning a rally on 10 April to recruit volunteers to pass a funding referendum. I haven’t been able to find freely accessible news posts about the rally, but most of the information is reproduced on the Bloomington Moms Meetup Group. The proposed funding cuts would, among other things, eliminate all elementary and middle school librarian positions, leaving just one high school librarian.

And Monroe County is not alone. It’s happening in Connecticut, in New Jersey, in Arizona, and in California, too. In fact, all across the country, school library services and staff are being cut or professional librarians are being replaced with paraprofessionals. This Google Map (created by someone listed only as Shonda) shows “a nation without school librarians”–places where certified school librarian positions are to be eliminated or where librarians will have to work across multiple schools. If this is happening near you and it’s not represented on the map, be sure to update it. And stop by and tell Edi of Crazy Quilts what school libraries have meant to you.

But most importantly, be sure to tell your local government and school board why school libraries matter. Start with “Young Learners Need Librarians, Not Just Google” by Mark Moran for Forbes and Sara Scribner’s “Saving the Google Students” at the LA Times (thanks to Eilir for the links) and “Student Reading Skills Improve With Library Funding” by Jack Humphrey in the Indy Star. When funding gets tight, cuts are going to be made–but we can try to protect our schools and libraries for the demonstrable benefit they bring.

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PLA Blog: tweeting at the conference

I not only blogged about what was going on at PLA, I also twittered at the conference–and then wrote a blog post, “Tweeting at the conference”, about it for the PLA Blog.

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PLA Blog: volunteering and vendors: the exhibit hall

Library conferences aren’t just all sessions and socializing. There’s also a huge exhibition hall full of vendors, publishers, and other organizations. This year I volunteered for a shift at the PLA Membership Booth and learned about continuing education opportunities and women-driven comics. Read “Volunteering and vendors: the exhibit hall” on the PLA Blog for more.

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PLA Blog: serving pregnant or parenting teens

My first session today was on promoting library service to pregnant and parenting teens. Read about it at the PLA Blog: “Serving pregnant or parenting teens”.

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PLA Blog: extreme resume makeover

While there isn’t a job placement center at PLA this year, they did offer a resume review clinic. I was really pleased with how my resume review went. Read about it on the PLA Blog: “Extreme resume makeover”

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PLA Blog: queering the library

I wrote about the best session I attended today, Spanning the Generations: Serving the GLBTIQ Community of ALL Ages. Read about it on the PLA Blog: “Queering the Library”.

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PLA Blog: a latecomer from Indiana

New post at the PLA Blog: “A Latecomer from Indiana”–in which I talk about audiobooks, conference expectations, and myself.

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