About Librarified

I’m still developing my library skills and librarian identity, so I do a lot of thinking about the values of librarianship, controversies in librarianship, and the way libraries interact with the rest of the world. I wanted a place to collect some of those thoughts and post interesting bits of news, links to other great library thinkers, or provide reaction pieces to articles I read. I’m sure that as I grow as a librarian, this blog will, too–and I’m looking forward to that!

One note: I came up with the name “Librarified” independently and when I Googled it to see if it was already in use, I did find a LiveJournal with the same name by someone named Jamie Davis, but as there have been no new posts there in over a year, I’m going to step in and use the name. I should be clear, though, that I have absolutely no connection to that journal or to its original author. Jamie Davis, if you want your name back, let me know and I will gladly return it to you.

You may have found this blog while looking for Ian Porter. He’s also a library and information science student and he runs librarified.org.

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