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Off-topic: OK Go, Honda, & Rube Goldberg (plus a cake car)

This has nothing to do with libraries, but it’s way too cool to not share. You may know OK Go as the band from that video with the treadmill choreography (or, more recently, the music video for “WTF?”), but yesterday they released another music video, this one for “This Too Shall Pass.”

I love Rube Goldberg devices (sidenote: Purdue, where I did my undergrad, sponsors a yearly Rube Goldberg contest every year), so this video totally does it for me. Another one of my favorites is this Honda commercial called “The Cog.”

And you know what, while I’m sharing Internet videos, check out this commercial, “Full of Lovely Stuff,” for the Skoda Fabia.

The writeup for this weekend’s field trip is coming up next.

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