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PLA Blog: serving pregnant or parenting teens

My first session today was on promoting library service to pregnant and parenting teens. Read about it at the PLA Blog: “Serving pregnant or parenting teens”.

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PLA Blog: queering the library

I wrote about the best session I attended today, Spanning the Generations: Serving the GLBTIQ Community of ALL Ages. Read about it on the PLA Blog: “Queering the Library”.

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Library service areas in Indiana

This map shows library districts in Indiana. Indiana is somewhat unusual in that we do not have a statewide library system or even a library system in every county. The white parts of the map are unserved areas (where there is no library service at all). If you live in a white area and you want to use a library, you have to pay a yearly fee. Part of Indiana’s lack of development and public support in libraries comes from our refusal to accept federal funding for bookmobiles to rural areas back in the ’20s. This is something I’d like to learn more about.

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